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Thumb sucking is a natural part of your child’s development. It is often a soother and comforter for young infants to do right from birth and as they grow. Thumb sucking becomes a problem when it interferes with your child’s teeth development. At Just Smilez Dental, we are experts when it comes to the progress of your child’s teeth. Our team is trained to help you with troublesome habits that could affect your child’s oral care.

It is important to know when to help your child ease out of thumb sucking so that their teeth can grow healthily and happily. This habit is a common phase that children usually grow out of before they hit preschool. That being said, it can still be a challenge if your child is beginning to teeth.

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Constant thumb sucking can impact the alignment and positioning of baby teeth as they begin to grow.

Because the thumb is pressed on the roof of their mouth, a child’s top teeth are prone to be pushed forward, affecting their bite. If this is not corrected, your child could have issues with biting, chewing, and speaking as they get older.

By age 2, you should begin your child’s transition into breaking their thumb sucking habit. There are many tips and tricks on how to do this effectively. By breaking their thumb sucking habit, your child’s mouth is left with the natural ability to develop and grow their baby teeth properly.

Our team at Just Smilez Dental can help you with the best tactics to stop your child’s thumb sucking. Our job is to best inform you and your family with the right solutions for your oral health. We are always happy to deliver you the recommendations you need to help your child develop a strong and healthy smile.

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