Teething can be an uncomfortable and painful experience for infants. At around 6 months, your child is expected to have their first tooth arrive. The months leading up to this, however, is where baby teeth are developing and slowly making their way to the gum surface. During this time, your child may experience irritation and tenderness in their mouth.

It certainly is an exciting time for new parents to record their baby’s first tooth! As exciting as this time may be, it is also important to ensure your child’s gums are in a healthy and happy state for their first set of teeth. By understanding more about the teething process, you are better prepared to help your child during this uncomfortable yet exciting time.

The most common teething symptoms include a higher temperature than normal, swollen, and tender gums, and overall upset or frustration shown by your child. These symptoms could occur as early as 3 months old but can be expected within their first 4-7 months. Typically, the front teeth are the first to arrive, with molars appearing later. Your child’s set of baby teeth are expected to be fully grown at around 30-36 months.

Infant Consulting

Once your child’s first tooth arrives, it’s time to visit your dentist.

At Just Smilez Dental, we love to work with kids and get parents prepared for what to expect in their child’s future oral health care. With expert knowledge in the teething process, you can feel comfortable asking us any questions or concerns that you have.

Our friendly practitioners will examine your child’s new tooth and gums to ensure everything is healthy and ready for the next teeth to arrive. We will provide the best recommendations for parents to take care of their child’s first set of teeth. Just Smilez Dental can’t wait to say hello to you and your family as we assist you in your child’s teething journey.


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