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Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Our teeth can be exposed to many different complications and risks every day. We all have different habits and routines that have the potential to damage our smile. Some of us grind our teeth while we sleep. Others take part in high contact sports where accidents can happen. Whatever the case may be, having a mouth guard for those habits that put our teeth at risk is a simple and effective solution.

While sports activities require great physical stamina, they also put our teeth in the firing line for potential damage. Wearing a mouthguard while playing sports is a great way to protect your teeth from unexpected injuries. That way, the next time you or your child plays hockey, rugby, or soccer, you won’t have to worry about finding pieces of a missing tooth on the field.


Your dentist can help you and your loved ones form a custom mouth guard that will fit your teeth perfectly.

While you can make you or your child a mouthguard from store bought guards, they do not provide the best level of protection for your teeth. We recommend having your dentist help you create an accurate mouthguard that will provide the best possible protection for high contact physical activities.

Night guards are an excellent solution if you suffer from grinding your teeth at night. Because this is a habit that you unfortunately cannot control while we sleep, it is important that you protect your teeth from the constant friction and damage that can be caused by teeth grinding. By having your dentist create a form that fits your teeth exactly, your sleep will become more comfortable, and your teeth will have less risk of damage from constant grinding.

Whether you’re an active sports participant or require protection while you sleep, mouth guards are effective and safe solutions. They reduce the risk of tooth damage and help you keep your healthy smile for longer. Talk to our team at Just Smilez Dental about getting your very own mouth guard.


Mouth Guards and Night Guards

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