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Root Canals

The term root canal can often sound scary, but it’s actually a more common procedure than you think. When a tooth is damaged or diseased, a root canal is the best solution to save it. This procedure is something that practitioners around the world help patients with every day. At Just Smilez Dental, we deliver root canal treatment with the best possible care and comfort.

Your teeth are made up of enamel, dentin, pulp, and nerves. The pulp lies beneath your tooth’s enamel and dentin, and is constructed of nerve tissues and blood vessels. Pulp helps your teeth to grow strong and is not necessarily needed once your teeth have fully developed.

When the pulp gets infected, it can cause bacteria to multiply quickly within your tooth. This is where nerve tissue can become fragile and damaged, causing you some discomfort. Since pulp is safe to remove once a tooth is fully grown, a root canal is the best solution to remove the buildup of unwanted bacteria.

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Root canals are a simple procedure that safely removes the infected pulp from your tooth.

The actual root canal inside your tooth is where the pulp lies. This is where your practitioner will extract the infection, thoroughly clean, and seal your tooth back to its normal health. In doing so, it prevents future infection from occurring and leaves your tooth strong and intact.

If you are suffering from extreme discomfort while eating, have a cracked tooth, or pain in your gums, then you should go and see your practitioner. At Just Smilez Dental, we will take a deep look at your teeth and let you know if we feel a root canal is necessary. Our team has immense experience in professional root canal procedures. We will walk you through our root canal treatment so that you feel informed and comfortable about getting the procedure done.

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