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Tooth Extractions

As we get older, our teeth can go through many changes and complications. When a tooth has become too far damaged and is causing pain or discomfort in your mouth, having it extracted can be the best solution. At Just Smilez Dental, we provide tooth extractions as part of our services to ensure that each patient’s mouth is kept a happy and healthy place.

By first examining your teeth, our team will check to see if there are any other treatments we can provide to save a problematic tooth. We will thoroughly examine the health of your gums, the tooth itself, and ensure that no other teeth are at risk. It is our job to exhaust all other treatment options before recommending that the tooth be extracted. If the best solution for your damaged tooth is extraction, then we will provide you with plenty of information on how to prepare and what to expect during the treatment. 

Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction is an extremely common procedure that dentists deal with every day.

Although it sounds intimidating, it is something that our team has years of experience with. We work hard to ensure that you feel comfortable and informed about the procedure.

Once a tooth extraction is complete, you may want to consider the options for filling in the area that your tooth was removed from. If the area is left exposed, your teeth can end up shifting. This can create misalignment issues and problems with bites if left untreated.

Talk with your dentist about the best solutions for filling the gap where your tooth was extracted. Depending on what type of tooth extraction you had, the recommendations may be slightly different. By having the right kind of crown or dental bridge placed in the area of the removed tooth, your smile will remain strong and healthy without the risk of shifting. Our team will walk you through the steps necessary to replacing your extracted tooth.

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