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Nerve Treatment

Our teeth are made up of nerves that help them stay strong and healthy. On top of these nerves, we have enamel. When the enamel decays and is left untreated, the damage can spread into the root of our teeth where the nerves lie. As a result, our teeth can become infected and cause us a great deal of discomfort. 

Nerve treatment is the method of treating damaged teeth below their surface. There are a few options that your dentist will look to use as part of saving your tooth. Two common nerve treatments are known as Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy procedures. Depending on how severe the decay is in your tooth, your practitioner will recommend the most appropriate treatment. 

Pulpotomy is a procedure that removes the pulp within the crown of your tooth along with the crown, without touching the root canal.


This treatment is recommended when the damage in your tooth has not spread to the lower pulp within the root canal.

Your dentist will remove, clean, and seal the infected area, leaving you with a healthy and strong tooth.

Pulpectomy is the treatment to remove pulp within the root canal as well as the pulp in your crown. It is similar to a root canal, only the removed pulp and roots are replaced with a material that your tooth can absorb. Typically, a pulpectomy is recommended for baby teeth, while a root canal is a preferred solution for permanent teeth.

If you or your child have discomfort in your mouth from a cracked or painful tooth, it’s time to have your dentist take a look. Our team at Just Smilez Dental takes great care in providing the right recommendation of nerve treatment for every patient we treat. We will deliver you the most informed choice for your oral health while making you as comfortable as possible with our recommendations.

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