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Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are commonly recommended for teeth that are severely fractured or do not have enough strength or structure to hold a traditional filling. It is the best solution when your or a loved one’s tooth requires full coverage. At Just Smilez Dental, we offer stainless steel crowns as part of our services to ensure each patient has the best solutions available for their oral care.

For children, we recommend stainless steel crowns if some baby teeth are not strong enough to remain in their mouth before adult teeth arrive. The stainless steel crown protects the baby teeth that may be weak or have not formed properly. It provides your child the strength they need in their teeth to chew and speak with ease until they get their adult teeth.

Our staff at Just Smilez Dental will examine your child’s teeth and let you know if they feel a stainless steel crown is the best option.

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We take great care in ensuring that each patient receives the right kind of treatment specific to their oral care needs.

With plenty of experience working with kids, Just Smilez Dental makes sure that your child is comfortable and happy throughout their visit with us.

When a child’s baby tooth is ready to fall out, the stainless steel crown will fall out with it. This allows for the natural process of their teeth cycle to be left untainted. Not only that, but having stainless steel crowns will protect from further tooth decay or potential issues with children’s gums.

By using stainless steel crowns, your child’s mouth will remain strong and healthy. It will be ready for the transition of adult teeth, and will provide your child the power it needs to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine. We recommend coming in to visit us if you feel your child may be in need of stainless steel crowns. Our friendly team is more than happy to help you and your loved ones maintain healthy mouths.

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