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Cleanings, X-Rays & Deep Cleanings

There are plenty of ways to prevent damaged or decaying teeth from getting worse. Not only that, but technology today allows for an even closer look at oral care and how we can improve the way we maintain our teeth. From cleanings, X-Rays, and deep cleanings, your dentist strives to ensure your mouth remains a happy and healthy place. At Just Smilez dental, we are proud to offer cleaning and deep cleaning services, as well as X-Rays to patients who need one.

Although brushing and flossing your teeth every day is a great method of maintaining good oral hygiene, your cleaning routine shouldn’t stop there. It is recommended that you should also visit your dentist for cleaning, and sometimes even deep cleanings.  When we brush our teeth, there can still be spots within our mouth that our toothbrush cannot reach or is unable to remove plaque from.  These areas then become potential growth spots for plaque and bad bacteria to begin rotting our teeth.

X- Rays

Cleanings and deep cleanings from your dentist involve careful scraping of unwanted plaque from your teeth and a thorough clean and rinse inside your mouth.

This method ensures that all plaque is removed from your teeth, making it hard for bacteria to latch on to your teeth and begin building up. Surface stains are also removed, leaving you with a beautifully consistent shine in your smile. By maintaining regular cleanings or deep cleanings, your teeth are able to resist plaque buildup for longer, leaving them incredibly strong and healthy.

X-Rays are part of your visit if your dentist needs to take a closer look at what’s happening within your teeth and gums. It allows them to have a clear idea of what is going on underneath the surface, and keep an eye out for any problematic areas that could cause future complications. An X-Ray procedure from your dentist is very safe and is extremely quick. Your dentist will be able to share the results with you much quicker than a standard X-Ray, allowing you to prepare for any future treatment required.

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