Dental Prevention

Sealants & Fluoride Treatment

As we get older, our teeth can become more susceptible to decay and other complications. With the right protection, however, we can be proactive about the way we look after our oral care. By using sealants and fluoride treatment, our teeth can remain healthy and strong for much longer. Just Smilez Dental is proud to help our patients maintain their beautiful smiles through the use of sealants and fluoride treatments.

Sealants work to protect the outer layers of our teeth, especially in premolars and molars. The grooves of our permanent back teeth can sometimes be very deep, acting as the perfect spot for food and bacteria to lie. This can lead to a buildup of plaque within our molar’s grooves, increasing the risk for tooth decay that cannot be reversed.

Fillings Restorations

Sealants typically last anywhere from 7-10 years and can be replaced when they begin to erode.

By having sealants applied to our molars, we are able to decrease the size of the grooves in our molars. In doing so, we can protect our teeth from potential plaque buildup and possible decay. 

Fluoride treatment helps your teeth stay strong by defending against acid attacks that lead to tooth decay. Every day we consume fluoride in some of our food and drink. It is a natural mineral that helps our mouth to fight off the buildup of bad bacteria. By getting a fluoride treatment, our teeth are given a boost of cavity fighting abilities.

We recommend that both children and adults receive fluoride treatment. As children’s teeth develop, fluoride helps their mouth to remain strong in preparation for their adult teeth. Adults benefit from fluoride treatment as it can help to reverse any tooth decay while providing your teeth and gums the strength that they need. Our team are more than happy to walk you and your loved ones through our recommendations for having fluoride treatment.


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