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Digital X-Rays

The advancement of digital X-Rays allows dentists to take a closer look at what is going on inside your mouth. Our ability to understand and diagnose each patient’s dental problems has become a much quicker and efficient process. We are able to better inform our patients with the best treatment and solutions available to their dental problems thanks to digital X-Rays.

Digital X-Rays are similar to the process of traditional X-Ray machines, only they produce a patient’s results much faster. Their advanced design means that digital X-Rays are also far safer as they produce less radiation. Both children and adults can safely receive digital X-Rays to help diagnose their dental concerns.

X- Rays

Our team will securely place a sensor in your mouth to start the digital X-Ray process.

This sensor will take multiple, detailed images of your teeth that are instantly available for our practitioners to review. This allows our practitioners to give you quick and accurate results on what is going on in your mouth and what could potentially become a future concern.

By using digital X-Rays, we can look for things like upcoming wisdom teeth, tooth decay, and even impacted teeth. At Just Smilez Dental, it is our job to communicate to patient’s our concerns and solutions for your oral health. We work hard to educate and comfort each one of our patients throughout their visit with us.

The speed and efficiency of digital X-Rays means that you won’t have to wait long to know what is going on with your teeth. Our practitioners are well experienced and trained to use digital X-Rays and will share with you any concerns that they find.

Getting a digital X-Ray is an important part of your regular check up at the dentist. It provides you and your loved ones a full picture of what is happening with your oral care. Just Smilez Dental recommends that our patients receive a digital X-Ray to help resolve any underlying issues or concerns with their oral health.


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