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Root canals (Primary Teeth)

A root canal is a very common treatment that practitioners help their patients with every day, including children. At Just Smilez Dental, we know that the words “root canal” can be daunting for anyone, especially your child. Our friendly and comforting staff are here to provide the support that you and your loved one’s need when it comes to root canals.

In your child’s primary or “baby” teeth, there are nerves, pulp, dentin, and enamel. A collection of nerve tissue, pulp, and blood vessels lie within their enamel and dentin. The pulp is what helps your child’s primary teeth to grow and maintain strength before their permanent adult teeth arrive.

When the pulp gets infected, it can cause bacteria to multiply quickly within your child’s tooth. This is where nerve tissue can become fragile and damaged, causing your child some discomfort. Once your child’s baby tooth is fully grown, it is safe to remove any damaged pulp from inside, as it no longer needs it to grow.

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A root canal is the best solution to remove the buildup of unwanted bacteria within the pulp of your child’s tooth.

Root canals are a simple procedure that safely removes the infected pulp from your child’s tooth.

The actual root canal inside your child’s tooth is where the pulp lies. This is where a practitioner will extract the infection, thoroughly clean, and seal the tooth back to its normal health. In doing so, it prevents future infection from occurring and leaves your child’s baby tooth strong and intact.

Your child’s primary teeth are what will help them speak, chew, and drink until their permanent teeth arrive. It is important to keep on top of any problems that your child may be experiencing with their teeth so that they can maintain a healthy mouth for as long as possible.

At Just Smilez Dental, we will take a deep look at your child’s teeth and let you know if we feel a root canal is necessary. Our team has immense experience in professional root canal procedures. We will walk you and your loved one’s through our root canal treatment so that you feel informed and comfortable about getting the procedure done.

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